Bookshelves. A Saga.

So, as the Husb and I set off to decorate our condo, we are focusing on our living room first.  We really need a set of large bookshelves to line the wall behind our couch.  I moved in with TONS of books and various cute things that need to be displayed.  Problem is, I tossed my old bookshelves (they weren’t worthy of moving) and we have yet to purchase shelves.  So, my books and cute things are in dozens of boxes lining the wall that should be lined by bookcases.  Not a good look.  I’ve been searching and searching for some shelves that I like and that are big enough, and I can’t find anything that I love that is even remotely affordable.  Lesson learned? The bigger the furniture, the bigger the price.  Sigh.  So, for now, I really think our best bet is to get some Ikea shelves that are fine looking (cute might be an overstatement) and just fill them with uber cute items (that I already have).  Problem solved?  We shall see.  At a minimum, it will be cuter than dozens of cardboard boxes lining the wall, right?  So, here are some options that I’m considering:

These in either brown or white?  The dimensions are right, and I’m thinking I could possibly make them look cool, but I’m worried they might just be too chunky and call too much attention to themselves (I mean, I don’t want our living room to scream “IKEA” you know?)


Maybe these shelves, spray painted bronze.  I’ve seen lots of posts on other blogs and Pinterest showing how easy it is to paint these cheapies and display them in a cute way.  I mean, they are CHEAP, I could get a few units and stack them next to each other.  And they are a bit more delicate looking, so I feel like they might just blend into the background a little better than the chunky shelves.  Like I said, I’m not trying to make a statement with the shelves…I just need something that isn’t hideous and doesn’t break the bank.  I keep going back and forth on these 2 options and I really can’t decide which is the least offensive.



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