My First Post…here goes nothing…

Hi there!  This is my first post after deciding on a whim that I just really need a blog.  A place to tell my stories.  A daily diary of my adventures as a new wife with a new life.  I’m not totally sure what this blog will be about, but I got married a month ago, and there is a lot on my mind as I adjust to this new life.  I’m not a young bride, so I am very used to a life of total independence (and so is my husband), so it’s been an adjustment to create a 50/50 balance all the time.  I’m definitely not complaining – I’m over the moon about my husband (he is the BEST) and thrilled to start our life together.  It just seems like a lot at the moment…learning to live together, merging (and purging) all of our things to create a space that is both of ours and feels like “our home” instead of “his home” or “my home”.  And of course, I want it all done yesterday!  But budget constraints and finding things we both agree on and love…that seems to be taking time.  So, as of today, we’re sort of at an impasse.  Lots of ideas on what we want our home to be but we haven’t pulled the trigger on any major purchases.  So, aside from having decorating on the brain, I’ve been having tons of fun cooking for my new Husb and he’s having a ton of fun eating my creations (for the most part…but there have been some Fails in the mix…but a little food poisoning never killed anyone, right??!!).  So, there will be some recipes and cooking adventures on here.  Anyway, my point is I’m not really sure where I’m going with this blog but for the near future, expect to see lots of decorating posts, recipes that I try out, and some fashion and beauty product reviews thrown in for fun.  Plus my running commentary on the world we live in (or the world I live in, really).  So, ta da, here is my blog and I’m so happy you’re here!


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