Recipe HIT – My Favorite Smoothie

We were lucky enough to receive a VitaMix as a wedding gift, and let me just tell you…it is life changing.  I’ve had so much fun throwing different concoctions in that bad boy, and shockingly enough, most of them turn out pretty delish!  I’ve recently become a big fan of replacing dinner a few nights a week with a smoothie.  The weight peels right off, and for me, the smoothies are filling and leave me feeling satisfied.  I do this 1-2 nights per week (sometimes more/less, depending on what’s on the social calendar motivating me to lose weight) and I’ve had a lot of luck.  I think if I tried to go all in and commit to this every night, I’d feel deprived and it would just fail.  So, anyway, that’s my smoothie story and here is my favorite concoction:

Chocolate Blueberry Delight

2 cups almond milk (I get the unsweetened vanilla variety)

2 cups frozen blueberries

1 medium ripe banana

1 scoop of chocolate whey powder

Instructions (super complicated so pay close attention here):

Put everything in your blender, turn it on high for about 20 seconds, pour into glass, chug, smile.

blueberry smoothie


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