Barbie Hair – A Lifelong Pursuit

It may not be cool or PC to admit that you love Barbie, but I don’t care, I LOVE Barbie and I’m proud of it!  I love her for all the obvious reasons (probably also the same reasons why half the world hates her), and what I love most about her is Barbie Hair.  I have spent an inordinate amount of time in pursuit of perfect, big, bouncy, voluminous, shiny, thick, perfectly highlighted and bright Barbie Hair.  Let me tell you, this has been no trivial pursuit.  I was born with (er, blessed with?) stick straight, terminally flat hair that is neither thick nor thin.  This lovely mane of mine almost flat out (pun!) refuses to be anything but poker straight and lifeless.  Will I accept that?  Obviously not!  So, I have tortured my hair with every product and heating device under the sun, and most have been disappointing.  This pursuit of BH (Barbie Hair, obv.) will continue to be a lifelong quest with an ever-evolving list of products.  For right now, the absolute best products I’ve found are good ol’ Bumble and bumble, available basically everywhere.  This is what is working for my BH look, for today at least.

Step 1: Bumble and bumble – Styling Creme. I use about the size of a quarter, on wet hair, from about an inch below root through ends.

bumble & bumble styling creme

Step 2: Bumble and bumble Thickening Hairspray.  The trick is to use this all over wet hair, prior to blow drying.  Even flip your head over and spray it on the underside of your hair.  Be generous with this stuff…it’s what really brings the volume.

bumble & bumble thickening spray

Step 3: Flip your head upside down and blast that blow dryer on high heat, tousling your hair with your fingers constantly, and repeatedly massaging your scalp to create movement.  I dry about 50% of my hair, sometimes even more, upside down.

Step 4: Flip your head back up so it’s not upside down anymore (you know what I mean but I found this sentence hilariously hard to articulate).  Keep blasting on high and only using your fingers, tousling, tousling, tousling.  Also keep creating volume at the roots by rubbing your scalp with the blow dryer blasting it.

Step 5: Put your dryer on the cool setting and turn down the blast to medium.  Run the cool shot all over your head, and do it longer than you’d normally do it.  A few extra seconds seems to make a difference in locking in the shine.

Step 6: Coat your entire head with a generous heaping of Elnett.  When you spray the top of your hair, run your fingers over it to smooth out any frizz.



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