Decorating…Items In Consideration

I’ve been haunting the Internets looking for furniture to fill up my new marital home.  So much cute stuff out there!  I like to mix and match with different styles, colors and patterns. I’m a BIG fan of color and I’ve always believed that all colors look good together.  No surprise that the current short list of items being considered is a fairly eclectic mix.  These are the pieces that I’m loving today, and if I continue loving them beyond today, maybe they’ll find a forever home in the B residence!

Love this bed from Z Gallerie:

zgallerie nicolette bed

Full-length mirror from Ikea.  Saw this in the store last weekend and it’s HUGE.  I adore oversize mirrors leaned up against a wall.  Perfect for our bedroom!

ikea silver full length mirror

I was very pleasantly surprised to find these colorful bedside tables at Target.  At $70 a pop, they are a total steal.

target yellow bedside table target green bedside table

I love this rug for our entry hall!  I have an unhealthy obsession with turquoise.

shades of light entry hall rug

We received this GORGEOUS mirror as a wedding gift, and I’m really excited to hang it over our bar.  I use an antique distressed wood cabinet as the bar, and this mirror is going to look fantastic hanging over it.  Thanks sisters in laws!!!

pottery barn bronze metal clad mirror

I have a really cool craggy antique brass frame, and I am going to purchase this print to put inside.  I am digging the idea of brass frames and accents in the living room.

cozamia cheer up in pink

I have been having a tough time finding a coffee table that rocks my world.  We have a large sectional with double chaise, so we are limited in that we have to find something that is large enough to accommodate all the people on the couch but not so large that you can’t move around the table to get on or off the couch.  Seems like all the pieces I’ve found are either too large or too small.  Anyway, riveting I know.  Oh – and the other challenge with the coffee table.  Since space is somewhat limited in our condo, I’m really trying hard to only buy furniture that can double as storage in some capacity.  But I don’t want something that is super bulky.  So, that’s the challenge.  This is the best option I’ve found so far.

west elm rustic storage coffee table

Here is the sectional that we have (it is better looking in person, I swear).  This takes up the majority of space in our living room, so essentially we are decorating around it.  Good thing it’s super neutral so I can go buck wild with color and patterns!



2 thoughts on “Decorating…Items In Consideration

  1. i so wish i was there to discuss decorating with you because as you know, i am mid-decoration bonanza! Here’s a tip… I was internet stalking furniture and about to put down damn near a thousand dollars for a PB dresser when I stumbled upon a Shabby Chic inspired antique shop. Found a dresser for under $300 then paid the man down the hall $65 to deliver… I had a place to put my clothes! I am obsessed with mixing old and new things. And I know you have a fab old dresser anyways 😉

    Also I too am obsessed with mirrors and want to buy one of those big ones for my room… going to look at that Ikea one… the problem is always how to get it home??? I typically buy any piece that is already put together and can fit in my backseat 😉

    • Hello, my friend, you can order the Ikea mirror online. It’s 2013. Also, if you buy it in the store, you can pay $50 for them to deliver it to you. So, problem solved. I can’t believe your weekend…looked incredible. I think you need to blog about your adventures, especially with sharks (even though I hate them).

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