Picture Day

Remember when you were a kid, and picture day was super fun at school?  You got to show off your 80’s Bill Cosby sweaters and demonstrate your talents in reaching new heights with the Aquanet?  Well anyway, it was fun for me.  And the most fun part was that it didn’t really even matter what your picture ended up looking like.  All you cared about was that you got to wear a sweet outfit to school that day (especially if you were like me and caged up in a uniform for the first 18 years of your life).

Anyway, I digressed (shocking).  Today is “professional” picture day at work.  I’d rather be punched in the face than take this photo.  I’d even consider eating a Bum’s toe nail to get out of it.  I promised Husb I’d snarl in one of the pictures for fun.  I told him I’d send him that picture and he responded and said “what, it’s not enough that I live with that face every day”?  What a sweetie.


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