I just couldn’t help myself.

Did anyone else notice the abundance of sales happening over the weekend?  I am powerless to resist a great deal…and when my favorite stores are beckoning with 30-35% off regular priced items…it’s inevitable that I’m going to do some buying.  It’s funny, I actually wasn’t really planning on shopping at all this weekend, it just happened.  On Saturday morning, I left the house dressed for a typical late July day, and was smacked in the face with 60 degree weather.  So instead of heading back inside for a sweater, I headed to the nearest Banana Republic for a sweater.  Sorry but I’m not sorry.  I bought this cute pink sweater on major sale (35% off!), it was only $42!  And I desperately needed a new pink cardigan.  And the gold buttons sealed the deal.  Pink is the new black, right?

banana pink cardigan gold buttons

I headed out of Banana actually wearing the new pink sweater (it was cold!), and walked past Loft where a sidewalk sign taunted me with 30% off.  And the sale was ending that day!  What was I supposed to do?  Obviously I had to take a quick looksie.  I found a few cute things, but decided not to buy much since at this point in the summer, I’m trying not to buy more warm-weather clothes. Better to save up for fall since cold-weather clothes are always more expensive (riding boots! wool coats! chunky sweaters!).  But I couldn’t resist this shirt.  It was $42 bucks and is perfect for work with black skinnies and wedges.  I will wear this to death!

loft lace shell blush and black

Did anyone else fall victim to the amazing weekend sales?


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