So Many Books…So Little Time!

My Amazon wish list just keeps getting longer and longer.  There are already so many books that I want to read, and I feel like everyday there is a new one out that I add to my list.  I simply can’t read them fast enough!  There are about 100 books I’m dying to read at any given time…and there is maybe 1 (and that’s generous) movie in the theaters that looks even remotely compelling.  Books rule.  Here is what’s currently at the top of my list:

revenge wears pradarules of civilitysisterlandlilly book

What are all you folks reading right now?


2 thoughts on “So Many Books…So Little Time!

  1. will add these to my also never ending growing list of books to read… I am reading Silver Star right now by Jeannette Walls and love it! She is on e of my fav authors! Have you tried Good Reads? I should keep up with it better but it’s a great place to keep track of books I am reading and what I what to read and of course see what friends are reading.

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