Working It Out.

My Husb and I have been working out with a personal trainer for the past year.  It is brutally hard, but the results are worth it.  My Husb has a formidable work ethic, and he’s self-motivated enough to workout (hard) on his own every single day.  Me…on the other hand…not so much.  So having a trainer that we pay (a lot) not only holds me accountable for actually showing up at the gym, but the trainer is super intense and a total drill sargent, so he forces me to workout like a maniac.  Let me tell you, every single session is HARD.  Like really, really ridiculously HARD.  Harder than I’d ever be able to push myself.  I mostly hate the trainer’s guts for all 60 minutes for the brutality he puts us through.  But then the next day – miraculously – my skinnies fit a little better and my waist is a bit more whittled.  Some mornings after an especially tough workout, I can actually see cheekbones (major).  Results. It’s what keeps me going back for more torture.  Week after week after week after week.

I hate the work, I love the results.

I often am asked what exercises this monster forces us to do, so I figured I’ll post them here.  If you can force yourself through one of these workouts, you’ll be skinnier for it. Happy sweating, loves!

Tuesday’s Workout – 7/30

Note: Each “set” is done 3 times through with no resting between each exercise. Do the designated number of reps for exercises 1-4 in order, then repeat.  Once you’ve gone through the series of exercises 3 times, move on to the next set.

Warm-up: 5 minutes on the Elliptical on level 8

Set #1

  1. 15 plié squats with dumbbell shoulder presses – 12.5 pounds
  2. 15 upright rows – 12.5 pounds
  3. 30 planks with alternating, straight arm hand raises
  4. High knees for 30 seconds

Set #2

  1. 40 step-ups on a weight bench with knee raises – 20/leg
  2. 12 reps of single-single-double dumbbell bench press – 12.5 pounds
  3. 20 incline push-ups
  4. Back & Forth side jumps for 30 seconds

Set #3

  1. 24 alternating leg forward lunges with weight above head (12/leg) – 12.5 pounds
  2. 40 reps Standing bicycle (20/leg)
  3. 15 Seated Lat Pull downs on machine – 25 pounds

A little motivation to get you moving:

gwyeth quote

its going to hurt

30 mins or 30 pounds


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