The Importance of Throw Pillows

They can totally change the look of a room, don’t you think? They are small and can be inexpensive, so the sky is the limit in terms of mixing colors and patterns. So fun!

Here are lots of options from Caitlin Wilson.

caitlin wilson pillowscaitline wilson pillows 1caitlin wilson pillows 2 caitlin wilson pillows 3caitlin wilson pillows 4 caitlin wilson pillows 5 caitlin wilson pillows 6 caitlin wilson pillows 7 caitlin wilson pillows 8


Go shop at buy yourself some pillows! 


3 thoughts on “The Importance of Throw Pillows

  1. i have been stalking throw pillows… can’t find any to accent my bed right. I will post a pic once the frame is put together and get your opinion… my couch on the other end has an impressive throw pillow collection… i thought it was too much but a friend assured me it was just right as they lounged in designer comfort 😉

  2. Too Cute! I love the anchors!! I have been on the hunt for “manly” throw pillows (if there is such a thing)…. My boyfriend has yet to approve of any I have picked thus far. Imagine that. :::Shrugs:::

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