Working It Out.

Feeling very sore today after last night’s workout.  I have such a love/hate relationship with being sore.  Don’t we all?  Here’s what our Trainer put us through last night.

Tuesday 8/13 Workout

Note: Each “set” is done 3 times through with no resting between each exercise. Do the designated number of reps for each exercise in the set in order, and then repeat 3 times.  Once you have gone through the series of exercises 3 times, move on to the next set.

Warm-up: 5 minutes on the Elliptical on level 8

Set 1

  1. 15 Lat pull-downs seated on the machine – 25 pounds
  2. 24 Reverse lunges, alternating legs, with 1 plié squat between each lunge
  3. High knees for 30 seconds
  4. 40 Standing bicycles

Set 2

  1. 15 Plié squats with reverse shoulder press with straight bar – 20 pounds
  2. 30 Plank with forward arm extensions
  3. Side to side hops for 30 seconds

Set 3

  1. 15 Rows on the pulley machine – 25 pounds
  2. 15 Push-ups
  3. 20 Bridges
  4. Bicycles for 30 seconds

Set 4

  1. 24 Forward/walking lunges
  2. 15 Bicep Curls on the pulley machine – 20 pounds
  3. Plank for 30 seconds

If you need some motivation:

perfect body

strong is new skinny she believed she could  when you feel like quittingonly one workout away


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