Working It Out.

This is the brutality we suffered at the hands of our trainer last night.  Give it a whirl if you feel up to it.  You’ll sweat like a mofo and your jeans will be too big the next day.  Bonus!

Thursday, 8/15 Workout

Note: Each “set” is done 3 times through with no resting between each exercise. Do the designated number of reps for each exercise in the set in order, and then repeat 3 times.  Once you have gone through the series of exercises 3 times, move on to the next set.

Warm-up: 5 minutes on the Elliptical on level 8

Set 1

  1. 30 walking lunges with dumbells raised (15 reps anterior hold; 15 reps lateral hold) – 5 pounds in each hand
  2. 20 push-ups with 2 second hold at the bottom
  3. Side to side hops for 30 seconds
  4. Forward/backward hops for 30 seconds

Set 2

  1. 30 Bent-over rows on pulley machine (15 reps per arm) – 15 pounds
  2. 30 Plie squats with kettlebell swing (15 reps per arm) – 15 pounds
  3. High knees for 30 seconds
  4. Jumping jacks for 30 seconds

Set 3

  1. 15 chest press on pulley machine – 15 pounds
  2. 24 sideways walking lunges
  3. 30 planks with hand slaps – this is assuming you have a workout partner – if not, do hand raises

Looking fab is clearly a must, and these shoes are pretty darn fab, right?!

pink nikes


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