I’m a Biker Babe Now

So, I have lived in Chicago for 10 years, and before last weekend I had never ridden a bike on the lakefront path.  I took my first spin down the path on Saturday and I have to say…I’m hooked!  For one thing, it’s flat which means it’s easy.  And the scenery is just so beautiful and the people watching is second to none.  Before you know it, you’ve exercised for a whole hour!  I’m already researching bike bells, baskets, and little dogs to put in said basket.

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My Dream Car


My Dream Car

How freaking SWEET is this car? It brings me straight back to my childhood. I must own one of these. I would look bad a$$ driving this whip on the mean streets of Chicago. Prep in the City!

Some Weekend Pictures

We had such a super fun weekend!  The Windy City Smoke Out was epic, and I got to meet Myron Mixon.  He is just a peach!  Literally the nicest guy, and his food is heavenly.  His ribs were definitely my favorite.  The Husb thought they were good too, but he picked Lillie’s Q as his #1.  Below are some pictures of the Smoke Out, followed by the Roscoe Village Burger Fest.  At the Burger Fest, we got to hang out with my honorary fairy goddaughter, LC.  She could not be cuter.

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Weekend Plans

TGIF, right?!  What is the only thing better than a Friday?  A summer Friday, that’s what.  Husb and I are hitting the Fest circuit in Chicago pretty hard this weekend.  Tonight we’re going to the first ever Windy City Smokeout, which we are super excited about.  Tomorrow during the day (and probably into the night) we’ll be kicking it at Roscoe Village Burger Fest.  Quite the culinary tour.  Whatever, I need to keep my calorie intake up to hold onto my Thicker Than A Snicker Barbie title.  Sunday I’m planning on working on my tan and then swinging sticks at Top Golf.  Pretty nice little weekend we have on tap, if I do say so myself.

PS – I’m wearing cowboy boots tonight!  Nothing says “I’m here to party” like a sweet pair of cowboy (cowgirl?) boots.  Yeeeeee Hawwwww!